The University of Greenwich proudly applies sustainable development across all of its activities.

It's time to make a positive difference and we are inviting everyone to get involved

We take our responsibilities seriously, applying sustainable development across our activities, working closely with students, staff and the wider community to help change the world for the better, aligning with the University's core values

We have maintained our 'First Class' Award in the People & Planet's University Green League since 2012 and our Estates & Facilities Directorate are operating with ISO14001 (Environmental Management) accreditation. Our notable achievements can be found at the bottom of this page, and to see our historical awards see our associated blog page.

The University recognises its responsibility for ensuring we deliver sustainability across our teaching, research and operations and this is reflected in the new corporate strategy: Strategy 2030.  In June 2020, we also committed our teaching staff to include sustainability in their programmes. This is included in the Curriculum Framework.

Explore this site to find how you can make a real difference to our planet through the actions you can do at Greenwich.

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45,573 disposable cups saved

50% recycling rate

48% lower energy carbon footprint than in 2009/10

£76,000 saved with our furniture reuse scheme

22,180kWh electricity saved in student halls

The Sustainability Team is available to provide advice, training and a range of other support to help staff and students better understand and apply sustainability into their work and studies at Greenwich. If you would like to learn more about sustainability review the following pages and resources that will explain, inspire and enable learning, action and change.  We are active members of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges and the London Universities Environment Group and actively contribute to the sustainable discussion, in addition to supporting events both inside, and outside of the Higher Education sector.

The Planet Mark Accreditation

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